The closest stop sign is over a mile away and the first traffic light is 5+ miles down the road. A visit to the grocery store is almost 30 miles round trip. It's quiet here; just the sound of toads and coyotes at night. It seems very still, but when you look close there's always something happening. Read on about a few things we've noticed over the past few years.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

it's migration season

They are flying south for the winter.  The activity at the feeders has been astonishing.  I've counted up to 8 birds at a time at this feeder.  They are drinking 5 cups of sugar water a day.   At dusk it gets crazy, they nudge each other out of the way to get a drink.  If I stand still, I can stand just 2 feet from the feeder and see them up close and personal.  

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