The closest stop sign is over a mile away and the first traffic light is 5+ miles down the road. A visit to the grocery store is almost 30 miles round trip. It's quiet here; just the sound of toads and coyotes at night. It seems very still, but when you look close there's always something happening. Read on about a few things we've noticed over the past few years.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

house finch

When I was a young city girl, I couldn't imagine bird watching.  Except for the occasional crow, seagull or pigeon all the rest looked to be small and brown - none different than the next.  When I moved to the country, my perception changed.  The variety is astounding.  God has a colorful paint brush.  
I thought exoctic colorful birds could only be found in rainforests
I was wrong. 
They are everywhere if you just take the time to look.  

Finches are common birds found just about everywhere across the U.S. however their colors vary.  This red headed and breasted finch is a common visitor to my bird feeder.  They gather and fly in flocks.  The male is brighter and more colorful than the female.  They often search for leftover feed in my chicken coup too.  They are a cheery little group and enjoyable to watch.

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